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Welcome Aboard! We are Afloat Coffee. We are a specialty green coffee program bringing you world renown boutique coffees in 25lbs! These kind of coffees have always been hard to get ahold of or too expensive to buy by the whole bag, so here at Afloat, we wanted to make it easier. We want everyone to have a chance to say they were apart of these amazing coffee's journey. We pride ourselves in our producer relationships and hope you will share the same pride when purchasing their coffee. Depending on your roaster batch size capacity, we can fit most small roaster needs with 25lbs! Whether its a special coffee for your pour over bar, a wild single origin espresso shot, or your a home roaster that appreciates the finer coffees in life, you will be amazed by any of these coffees! 

Afloat is not just a name, its a phrase! Instead of just showing what is on spot, we also wanted you to know what is "afloat"! In the import biz we use the word afloat to describe coffee thats on the water coming to our facility! So if you cant decide on a landed coffee or looking for something else, check out our afloat tab and see what's next up!

FOMO! Fear of missing out! Do not be caught with FOMO! These coffees are a single position for the whole year, so when they sell out, they're gone for the year! Don't miss out and get caught with FOMO! Get it before its gone!




13621 Wyandotte St, Kansas City, MO 64145

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